FAQ: Can Trunk Morty Be Combined?

What Mortys can be combined?

List of All Mortys (+3704) #82 – The One True Morty (+771) #316 – The Pale Morty (+496) #365 – Dragon Morty (+343) #30 – Rainbow Shirt Morty (+318) #111 – Morticia (+308) #319 – Christmas Future Morty (+263) #336 – Amoeba Morty (+242)

Can exotic Mortys be combined?

I don’t see why you’re having trouble with the Soldado Loco Mortys, but Sunday Best Morty is an Exotic Morty, meaning it can ‘t be combined, however Soldado Loco Morty can, turning into Enforcer Loco Morty when combined.

What is the strongest Morty?


rank name combinedScore
1 The One True Morty 550
2 Big Tongue Morty 532
3 Cronenberg Morty 524
4 Mascot Morty 516

What level does egg Morty evolve?

Egg Morty is a character from Pocket Mortys. This Morty is obtained from Masy Kallerax’s quest, New Chef in the Rickchen. It evolves into the One True Morty once it reaches Level 20.

What Mortys Cannot be combined?

Mortys can only be combined to evolve. Aqua morty and many others, like most third stage evolutions or rare mortys don’t have evolutions, and thus, can’t be combined.

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Can you combine judge Morty?

Two lawyer Mortys can be combined to upgrade to the more powerful (and easily riled up) Judge Morty, in addition to him being found in the wild in Pocket Mortys ‘ multiplayer mode.

What is the strongest Morty in pocket Morty?

Rick Morty: Evolved from Summer Morty to Jerry Morty to Beth Morty to finally Rick Morty, this paper Morty is another strong contender, as his most powerful attack both does damage and has a 50% chance to paralyze.

Can you combine wild man Morty?

You can collect all of the multiverse Mortys by capturing them in the wild with a Morty Manipulator Chip or by winning them at Blips and Chitz. Luckily, dentical Mortys can be combined to make a new Morty at Morty Day Care. This is a lot like evolving your Pokémon to unlock a new character.

Can exotic Mortys evolve?

You can ‘t evolve exotics. Epics are rarer than exotics and epics can be cought or evolved from rare or common morties, but most rares will skip straight to epic when evolved.

Are exotic Mortys better than epic?

Epic are a safe bet, but exotics tend to be the best Mortys, but they range in stats more than Epics.

Who is the one true Morty?

The One True Morty is a holy prophet, believed to be true by a group of Mortys worship him as a god. He is recognized as the god of Mortyism. He was mentioned in the episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.

How do you get the one true Morty?

The One True Morty is a version of Morty Smith in Pocket Mortys and the 82nd Morty in the Morty Deck. It can only be aquired by evolving Egg Morty to level 20.

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What can you do with egg Morty?

The egg will hatch into The One True Morty when it reaches level 20. The egg begins at level 5 and has no attacks, so it is hard to train. The quickest way to hatch the egg is to use as many Level Up Mega Seeds as possible ( make sure you save 1 seed to level him up to level 20 so he’ll hatch).

What does the blue Morty chip mean?

The one that is a colored chip, means you have one in your daycare/party. Actually, the blue chip means that you once had that morty and u either evolved him or released him back in the wild.

How do you evolve Morty?

Evolution: To evolve a Morty, you need two Mortys of the same kind and then “combine” them together at the Day Care Center in the central hub. As you might suspect, fully evolved Mortys have better leveling curves and better overall stats.

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