FAQ: Do Lithium Ion Batteries Swell?

What do you do when your lithium battery is swollen?

How to Remove and Dispose of a Swollen Battery Do Not Charge or Use the Device. Remove the Battery. Dispose of the Battery at an Authorized Recycling Center. Keep Your Batteries Cool. Use a Quality Charger. Replace Old Batteries. Don’t Leave It Plugged In.

Do lithium batteries swell?

Lithium – ion cells can swell due to many reasons, but somehow the issue of deep discharge swelling and the related hazards with charging such a battery seem to be widely underestimated. Common causes of battery swelling include: Deep discharge of cells.

Is swollen battery dangerous?

Swollen batteries, while not common, are a significant risk. They are the result of too much current inside a cell of the battery, which causes a build-up of heat and gas. This can be caused by overcharging, manufacturer defect, deep discharge, or damage to the battery.

How do I know if my battery is swollen?

How can I check to see if my battery is swelling? It should be rather obvious if the swelling is out of control. The screen will appear slightly bent and there could be an apparent gap in-between the screen and the body of the device. The swell also can be quite subtle.

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Can you fix a swollen battery?

There is no point waiting for the battery to “shrink”. The ever growing pressure can cause damage to the entire device. Leave the battery in the device only if it is stuck. Never try to “solve” the swelling yourself by pricking a hole in it or with any other creative stunt.

Can a swollen car battery explode?

Batteries contain acid and a swollen battery should be treated like a powder keg. If it explodes, best case scenario is that you will damage vital engine components and possibly the frame (an expensive or even catastrophic repair). The worst case scenario is that it can severely injure you!

Why do lithium batteries explode?

Most lithium – ion battery fires and explosions come down to a problem of short circuiting. This happens when the plastic separator fails and lets the anode and cathode touch. And once those two get together, the battery starts to overheat. Other external factor can cause a lithium – ion battery to fail, too.

How do you put out a lithium battery fire?

– For best results dowsing a Li- ion fire, use a foam extinguisher, CO2, ABC dry chemical, powdered graphite, copper powder or soda (sodium carbonate) as you would extinguish other combustible fires. Reserve the Class D extinguishers for lithium -metal fires only.

Can you put a swollen battery in the freezer?

While freezing the battery will reduce the expansion (as most gases expand and shrink almost linearly with temperature), it will not reduce the actual amount of free oxygen inside, nor will it fix the underlying problem of metallic lithium plating.

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Can a lithium battery be repaired?

Repairing Broken Lithium Batteries Should Be Possible In theory, replacing one dud lithium cell in a battery should be real easy. However manufacturers make repairing broken lithium batteries almost impossible.

What causes a computer battery to swell?

The most common cause is an overcharge of the battery, which causes a chemical reaction between the electrodes and the electrolyte, resulting in the release of heat and gases that expand inside the battery, causing the casing to swell or even to split open. Swelling can also result from a manufacturer’s defect.

Is it safe to use a laptop with a swollen battery?

To prevent possible further damage to the device enclosure or internal components leading to malfunction, discontinue the use of the laptop and discharge it by disconnecting the AC adapter and letting the battery drain. Swollen batteries should not be used and should be replaced and disposed of properly.

Does Samsung replace swollen batteries?

Replace the battery Undoubtedly replacing the battery on your Samsung Galaxy phone is going to be the best option to fixing a swollen battery. Replacing the battery will give your phone better battery life and extend the life of the phone.

Can a swollen car battery be fixed?

A swollen battery is defective. It is no longer useful. In fact, if you continue to attempt to use it, you could cause irreparable harm to your device. There is no “safe way” to fix a bloated battery other than replacing it.

Why do lithium polymer batteries swell?

A LiPo battery also has polymer separator that keeps the positive and negative terminals from coming into contact with each other. Batteries swell because of the phenomenon of electrolyte decomposition. As its name implies, this is the process where the electrolyte solution decomposes into its individual components.

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