FAQ: Gas Strut Will Not Compress?

Should I be able to compress a strut by hand?

You cannot judge the strength or condition of a shock/ strut by hand movement alone. The force and speed generated by a vehicle in operation exceeds what you can accomplish by hand. The fluid valves are calibrated to operate differently depending on the degree of movement inertia which cannot be duplicated by hand.

Can you fix gas struts?

Of course, if you ‘re not a professional, you probably don’t know how to replace a gas strut, and although it’s not the most complicated procedure, it can be quite fiddly. This means that you won’t have to panic if and when one of your old struts breaks and you need to replace it.

What strength gas strut do I need?

To calculate the size and the force of the Gas Strut you require for your application use the following guidelines. The extended length of the Gas Strut should be approximately 60% of the door or hatch length – e.g. a 1000mm high door should have a Gas Strut length of approximately 600mm.

Why do gas struts fail?

Gas struts may fail for a range of reasons, including: inappropriate design of the gas strut configuration (e.g. poor geometry subjecting the strut to over-extension, over-compression or side loading) inappropriate use (e.g. incorrect application or overheating)

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Do shocks come compressed?

Every new shock we’ve ever seen, has a piece of plastic holding the shock in the compressed state until mounting.

How much does it cost to re gas struts?

Some N.G struts are priced cheaper than aftermarket (EA-ED Falcon being 1, around $24 N.G – $33 aftermarket) other than that u could enquire at a used car yard to check when the re – gas guy will be in next & have them done then. They usually charge a basic rate of about $55 a pair with a 12 mth warranty.

How long do gas struts last?

In normal use they are very durable however they do have a life span. Loss of efficiency can typically start to occur after about five years of use, though some last considerably longer. Most failures relate to gradual loss of gas pressure which prevents them supporting their design load.

Which way do gas struts go?

– The gas strut should always be fitted with the piston pointing down. – Use suitable end fittings and angle joints to avoid coupling jamming. – Gas strut are maintenance free, do not grease or lubricate shaft.

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