FAQ: How Tight Should Transmission Pan Bolts Be?

What size are transmission pan bolts?

Pan bolts should be 8mm, probably 20mm long. Start the two rear bolts by hand using your socket. Do not run the bolts up too tight. If you drain the torque you should have drained most of the fluid from it so you can add all the recommended amount but for maybe a quart.

Is a deeper transmission pan worth it?

A deeper pan will only increase the time it takes to get up to temp. Provides more buffer through increased mass. Of course, it will also take longer to cool once it does. Your experience is why I don’t like those drain plug kits.

Do you put Loctite on oil pan bolts?

If you ‘re using a new one piece oil pan gasket they usually have “crush washers” built into them- you tighten until the bolt stops and that’s it. No need for loctite or any other retention method.

How many bolts does a 700r4 transmission pan have?

The 700r4 and the 4L60 transmission uses a bolt pattern of 16 bolts, so if the transmission looks like one of the pictures above and you can see 16 bolts, you most likely have a 700r4 or a 4L60 transmission.

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What are the torque specs for transmission pan?

4L60E Hardware Toqure Specifications

Location Quantity Torque
Forward Accumulator Cover to Valve Body Bolt 3 11 N-m 8 lb -ft
Solenoid Assembly to Case Bolt 2 11 N-m 8 lb -ft
Oil Pan Bolt 16 12 N-m 9 lb -ft
Valve Body to Case Bolt 2 11 N-m 8 lb -ft

What year is the best 700R4 transmission?

The best cores for a 700R4 build were from 1987-92 they had all the factory upgrades that solved the lubrication issues that plagued the ’86 and earlier units.

What is the difference between a 700r and a 700R4 transmission?

The only difference between the two is how lazy the speaker or typer is. Myself, I’m a lazy typer and just use “700.” If it’s a 4 spd than it’s a “700.”

Is the 700R4 transmission any good?

The 700R4, produced by General Motors/Hydramatic, is considered one of the best overdrive transmissions ever made. This transmission had a lower first gear ratio, which was good for performance at low vehicle speeds, while the 30% overdrive provided significant fuel economy improvement.

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