FAQ: How To Measure Valve Spring Pressure?

Can you have too much valve spring pressure?

Yes, too much spring pressure will damage parts. As you have seen first hand. Too much seat pressure will collapse lifters and cause valves to float as well.

How do you test a valve spring?

Use a square and a flat surface to check valve spring squareness. Rotate the valve and make sure all the coils contact the square as it is rotated. A feeler gauge can be used to measure tolerance. Check the manufacturer’s manual for any specifications or special procedures.

How do I know if my valve springs are weak?

Diagnosing Weak Or Broken Valve Springs With A Vacuum Gauge Then start the engine and observe the vacuum gauge readings; at idle and at progressively higher engine speeds. If weak valve springs are causing your problem; the vacuum readings on the gauge will oscillate as engine speed increases.

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How do you measure valve spring coil binding?

The formula used to determine whether a spring has sufficient coil – bind clearance is: valvespring installed height on the seat (cam lobe lift rocker arm ratio) + valve lash safety margin = remaining open spring length, which should be equal to or greater than the spring manufacturer’s published coil bind height.

What happens when valve spring tension is too high?

If the spring pressures are too high, the added friction will result in: More heat, Faster valvetrain wear, Potential failure of other valvetrain parts (i.e. rocker arms, pushrods, etc.), and.

Do heavier valve springs add horsepower?

We have done A-B-A engine dyno tests, and you do not lose HP with heavier springs. However, too light (seat pressure) can be VERY bad for the valve train, especially the roller lifters themselves.

What does a bad valve spring sound like?

Re: What does a broken valve spring sound like? At idle it will most likely sound fine. When you drive it “normally” it will sound like you have an exhaust leak (“tick”) and will sputter and hesitate. If you floor it it will backfire and sould horrible.

What happens when valve spring tension is too low?

If spring tension is too light, valve float and eventual engine damage can occur. According to cam experts, one of the most common causes of premature camshaft failure is the use of improper valve springs. This can include too high or too low spring pressure, or the springs can just be plain worn out.

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How do I know if my valves are floating?

How is it identified? Mild valve float can be felt as power falling off quickly at high rpm. Severe valve float will be heard as a sputtering sound at peak rpm.

What are the symptoms of bad valves?

Here are some symptoms of a bad valve seal that may need to be replaced: Performing the Cold Engine Test. One sure-fire way to tell if you have a faulty valve seal is to perform a cold engine test. Idling. High Levels of Oil Consumption. High Levels of Smoke. Engine Braking Test. Acceleration Power is Compromised.

Are stiffer valve springs better?

Higher spring rates mean greater force on the camshaft and consequently more resistance to rotation. The flip side to this argument is that stiffer valve springs control the valves better at high speed and provide better prevention of bouncing valves, which can create more power.

How do you measure the height of a valve spring?

There are two ways to measure installed height: Using a good mechanic’s ruler, measure the spring from where it meets the bottom of the retainer to where it sits on the cylinder head. DO NOT INCLUDE THE THICKNESS OF THE SHIMS. Use a valve spring height micrometer.

Which way do valve springs go?

You are in fact correct, the tighter end goes on the head and the looser end goes to the retainer.

How long do valve springs last?

How Long do Valve Springs Last. Valve springs can last a long time, but they do wear. On higher mileage engines with 100,000 miles or more, it is not uncommon for the valve springs to lose tension. Springs that have lost more than 10% of their tension should be replaced.

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