FAQ: How To Measure Wheel Stud Length?

How do you measure a wheel stud?

Remove the existing wheel (the rear wheel is usually the easiest to measure because the hub normally won’t be in the way). Measure from the middle of one stud to the outside of the second stud (skipping a stud ). The number you see will be the actual measurement of the bolt pattern.

How do you measure lug bolt length?

Determining the correct lug bolt length: Measure Shank Length of your lug bolt. Slide lug bolt into an unmounted wheel. Measure exposed shank on the back side of the wheel. You want 17mm of exposed shank in order to properly secure your wheel to the hub.

How long should wheel bolts be?

Thread engagement length is critical. At the minimum, thread engagement length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the fastener. In other words, if the stud is 1/2-inch in diameter, the nut must engage onto the stud by at least 1/2-inch. If not, either a longer stud or longer nut must be used.

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Does lug nut length matter?

Dillusion New Member. if the lugs nuts are longer than OEM not a problem.. if the wheel studs are shorter with the new wheels on then that is a problem less thread in the nuts the nut will loosen.. check it out measure and then use the proper nuts..also the wheel studs have to stick out the same or more

How do you measure PCD for 6 studs?

Four or Six Stud The P.C.D. of any wheel or hub with an even number of holes can be measured from the inside of one hole directly across to the outside of the hole opposite.

Are all 5 stud wheels the same?

Will any 5 stud wheel fit any other 5 stud vehicle? No, you need to check bolt PCD and wheel offset. You may also need spigot rings, and the bolts need to be the same type (some bolt heads sit at different angles).

What size are VW lug bolts?

VW Alloy wheel bolts M14 x 1.5 27mm thread 17mm Hex Radius set of 5.

Can you cut wheel studs?

There are three methods to cut the stud. One is a 4″ angle grinder with a cut off wheel, next is hack saw, third is a sawzall with a metal blade, maybe dremel too. I used the grinder, and it cut like butter.

How do you measure trailer wheel studs?

If your trailer wheel hubs have 5 lug bolts, measuring is slightly different. Choose any lug bolt and measure the distance between the back of one lug to the center of another that is directly across from it. Be sure that you skip one bolt when measuring. You can measure the distance in either direction.

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How many threads do you need to hold a wheel?

I seem to remember lug nuts should grab minimum their width in thread. So, a 1/2 lug should grab 1/2″ of thread. That should be about 6-7 turns.

Do I need different bolts for alloy wheels?

Generally it is fair to say it is safe to use bolts or nuts for Alloys on steel wheels but NOT the other way around. This is due to the added length of the stud or bolt to suit the thickness of the alloy wheel.

How many turns on a wheel bolt?

Minimum Thread Engagement for Wheel Nuts

Bolt / Stud Size Number of Turns
1/2″-20 10
5/16″-18 6
7/16″-20 8.5
9/16″-18 10

Can you use OEM lug nuts on aftermarket wheels?

Aftermarket wheels, not the original equipment (OE) factory wheels, are designed to upgrade the appearance and even performance of your vehicle. Most OE lug nuts are not designed to fit aftermarket wheels. That’s why we recommend purchasing a wheel installation kit to ensure the lug nuts match your wheels.

What is hex size on a lug nut?

HEX 22MM represents the size socket the lug nut is designed to be taken off with. You want the correct hex size because its inconvenient if they are not all the same and you are taking off the tire. It also represents the size of the “socket” end of the tool supplied by the manufacturer with the spare tire kit.

What size drive torque wrench for lug nuts?

As with socket wrenches, you can handle most major repair needs with a ½- inch wrench. (That’s the size we use in the Car and Driver test garage to torque lug nuts.)

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