FAQ: Trunk Which Kind Of Noun?

What type of noun is trunk?

noun. the main stem of a tree, as distinct from the branches and roots. a large, sturdy box or chest for holding or transporting clothes, personal effects, or other articles. a large compartment, usually in the rear of an automobile, in which luggage, a spare tire, and other articles may be kept.

Is trunk a proper noun?

Trunk – The human body, excluding the limbs and the head. Proper – As an adjective following the noun, this means ‘carefully speaking’, eg the garage is not part of the house proper, meaning the house is separate from the garage. The trunk proper – definitely just the trunk, eg not the head or even the neck.

What is called trunk?

Trunk or torso is an anatomical term for the central part of the human body from which extend the neck and limbs.

Which type of noun is tree?

Defining Common Nouns A common noun is a generic noun that isn’t capitalized. Here are some examples: ball, tree, flower, moon, dog.

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What is a trunk in clothing?

noun. a large, upright trunk, usually with space on one side for hanging clothes and drawers or compartments on the other for small articles, shoes, etc.

What is the meaning of elephant trunk?

An elephant trunk or elephant’s trunk is the proboscis/nose of an elephant. An African elephant’s trunk has a diameter of about 6 inches at the tip, with nostril diameter of 2 inches.

Is Rice a proper noun?

In the given case rice is a collective noun and we treat them as singular nouns. So it will be rice and not rices. Also ground here may be a common noun, but it is still singular. Ans: The correct option is “C”.

Is Dr Pepper a proper noun?

Proper nouns —The names and abbreviations of specific people, places, organizations, and occasionally things—such as trademarks—should be capitalized. Specific → Utah, Great Salt Lake, Dr. Pepper, BBC Not specific → state, lake, soda, etc.

What are the difference between common noun and proper noun?

Definition: Common nouns name any person, place, thing, or idea. Proper nouns are the names of specific people, places, things, or ideas. Proper nouns should always be capitalized.

What is another name for a tree trunk?

What is another word for tree trunk?

log branch
bole stump
block timber
billet chunk
trunk driftwood

What is the sentence of trunk?

She sat on a trunk at the end of one bed. We had these two big-ass suitcases in the trunk of the Caddy and we was to go down this highway ’til someone phoned us and told us what to do. We piled it in the trunk and backseat. Camping equipment filled the trunk along with enough clothes to last a week.

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What is your trunk area?

The torso or trunk is an anatomical term for the central part, or core, of many animal bodies (including humans) from which extend the neck and limbs. The torso includes: the thoracic segment of the trunk, the abdominal segment of the trunk, and the perineum.

Is tree a common noun?

The word tree functions as a common noun. This word refers to a thing: a type of plant that grows with a trunk, branches, and leaves of sorts.

Is Mom a proper noun?

Usage notes. ” Mom ” is capitalized when used as a proper noun, but not when used as a common noun: I think Mom likes my new car.

Is city a common noun?

A common noun is a word that refers to general names of people, places, or things. Words like a city, a car, and a teacher are general terms. A proper noun, on the other hand, is a name that refers to a specific person, place, or thing, such as, Tokyo city, Honda car, and Ms.

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