FAQ: Water Pipe Questions?

How do you solve a tap question?

Tap C empties out 1/9 th part of the tank in 1 hour. Thus, in 1 hour (1/8 + 1/10 – 1/9) part of the tank is filled. (45 + 36 – 40)/360 = 41/360 th part of the tank is filled. Thus, tank will be filled completely in 360/41 hours, when all the three taps A, B and C are opened together.

How much time a tank would take to be filled by 3 pipes?

So when all 3 pipes work together, total inflow of water into the cistern per minute is 2+(8/9)+(1/2)=61/18 liters. Time needed to fill 122 liters = 122/(61/18) = (122*18)/61 = 2*18 = 36 minutes.

How do you solve a pipe and cistern problem?

Steps to Solve Pipes and Cistern with Trick Take the LCM of a given Number and that LCM will be the total capacity of cistern or. tank. Add or Subtract According to a particular question. The LCM from Step 1. will be the total work. Divide the total capacity of cistern or tank with the outcome of Step 2.

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How long would it take for both pipes to fill the swimming pool together?

Answer: 10.5 hours/ 10 hours and 30 mins.

How long does it take to fill up a tank?

= (Volume of tank ) / (Volume of water flow in 1 sec) = 0.48/0.0025 = 192 sec. Time taken to fill the tank = 0.0025 / 0.48 = 0.005 sec.

How do you calculate tank capacity?

Find the volume of your tank. To determine the volume of a rectangular tank, multiply the length (l) times the width (w) times the height (h). The width is the horizontal distance from side to side.

Can fill a tank in 6 hours after half the tank is filled three more similar taps are opened what is the total time taken to fill the tank completely?

Explanation: Time taken by one tap to fill half of the tank = 3 hrs. So, total time taken = 3 hrs. 45 mins.

How do you calculate tank capacity in pipes and cisterns?

Let the capacity of the tank = LCM of (12,15, 6) = 60 litres. If all the pipes are opened simultaneously, (5+4-10) litres will be filled in a minute.

How much time will the leak take to empty the full cistern?

Leak will empty the full cistern in 90 hours. Clearly, both I and II are necessary to answer the question. Correct answer is (E).

What is the formula of time and work?

Important Time and Work Formula Work Done = Time Taken × Rate of Work. Rate of Work = 1 / Time Taken. Time Taken = 1 / Rate of Work. If a piece of work is done in x number of days, then the work done in one day = 1/x.

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How do you solve time and work problems?

D – 10 days, 50 days. (A+B)’s 1 day work = 1/12, (B+C)’s 1 day work = 1/15, (C+A)’S 1 day work = 1/20 Including: 2(A+B+C)’s 1 day work = (1/12+ 1/15+ 1/20)= 12/60 = 1/5 ∴ (A+B+C) `s 1 day work = (1/2 *1/5) = 1/10 ∴ working together they can complete the work in 10 days.

What is the meaning of cisterns?

1: an artificial reservoir (such as an underground tank) for storing liquids and especially water (such as rainwater) 2: a large usually silver vessel formerly used (as in cooling wine) at the dining table. 3: a fluid-containing sac or cavity in an organism.

Can take 12 hours to fill a swimming pool using two pipes?

It can take 12 hours to fill a swimming pool using two pipes. If the pipe of larger diameter is used for 4 hours and the pipe of smaller diameter for 9 hours, only half of the pool can be filled. Now, in 4 hour pipe A can fill the pool is = 1x×4=4x​. So, in 9 hour pipe B can fill the pool is = 1y×9=9y.

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