FAQ: What Is Valve Spring Coil Bind?

What is coil binding in racing?

Coil bind is a style of setup used in various levels of NASCAR racing. Coil bind setups utilize very soft front springs and very stiff rear springs to control the pitch attitude of the body. While coil bind setups do yield faster lap times, the cars are more sensitive to turbulence generated by nearby cars.

Are stiffer valve springs better?

Higher spring rates mean greater force on the camshaft and consequently more resistance to rotation. The flip side to this argument is that stiffer valve springs control the valves better at high speed and provide better prevention of bouncing valves, which can create more power.

What happens when valve spring tension is too high?

If the spring pressures are too high, the added friction will result in: More heat, Faster valvetrain wear, Potential failure of other valvetrain parts (i.e. rocker arms, pushrods, etc.), and.

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What is used to lock the valve spring on the valve?

Locks of the type to which the invention relates are generally formed of metal and in substantially senicylindrical form with two opposed locks being used to form a complete collar on a valve stem for retaining and locking a spring retaining plate against axial movement, so as to permit the valve spring to act on the

What metal is used in spiral notebooks?

Spiral coils are sometimes made from low-carbon steel.

Can valve springs be too stiff?

If the spring is too stiff, friction-related horsepower loss and accelerated valve train wear will result. This can destroy valve seats, break heads off of valves, shatter retainers, bend pushrods, and cause piston-to- valve interference, resulting in bent valves and damaged pistons.

Do heavier valve springs add horsepower?

We have done A-B-A engine dyno tests, and you do not lose HP with heavier springs. However, too light (seat pressure) can be VERY bad for the valve train, especially the roller lifters themselves.

Do valve springs increase HP?

valve springs store energy when compressed( valve opening), and release it when decompressed( valve closing). The only energy (or horsepower in this case) lost during the cycle is in the form of heat from friction at the molecular level within the spring.

What causes valve spring failure?

What Can Cause Valve Springs To Fail. To maintain correct valve operation at normal engine speeds; all of the valve springs must exert a certain amount of spring pressure. Consequently, too low or week valve spring pressure; may cause valves to not completely seal or float under higher (RPM).

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What is the purpose of valve spring?

The function of an internal combustion engine valve spring is to provide sufficient force throughout the engine cycle to maintain the tappet in contact with the cam at all speeds within the engine speed range.

What are the symptoms of a broken valve spring?

Broken or weak valve springs in an engine can cause many different drivability and performance problems. Broken valve springs cause excessive valve noise, compression loss and can cause severe internal engine damage.

What are valve locks?

Valve locks and retainers hold the retainer in place by using the force of the valve spring to hold the retainer and lock in place, not by the tang locking into the groove on the valve stem. With higher racing valve spring pressures, 7° locks tend to work-weld themselves to the retainer.

What is a valve spring retainer?

Valve springs are mounted between sup-ports. The UPPER SPRING SEAT, called the SPRING RETAINER, is a steel washer that is shaped to fit the top of the spring. The upper spring seat is attached to the top of the valve stem by removable fastenings commonly known as valve keepers.

What can be used to turn the valve and prevent hot spots on the valve face?

A valve rotator (fig. 3-54) turns the valve to prevent a carbon buildup and hot spots on the valve face. There are two types of retainers—the release type and the positive type.

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