FAQ: Which Water Tank Fills Up First?

Which tank will fill up first answer?

But before J fills up to the top, the pipe feeding L will drain water out of it, which will make sure J doesn’t fill up to the brim. From there on, the answer is simple. H is blocked and the bucket F will fill up first.

Which tank will overflow first?

Tank 3 will be the the first to mostly fill. Tank 4 won’t start to fill until tank 3 is full to the level of pipe that enters 4. Nonetheless, tanks 3 and 4 will overflow simultaneously because their top edges are aligned, and are lower than either of the other two tanks.

Which tank will fill first 4 tanks?

Tank 2 won’t fill up until water in Tank 3 reaches the level of connection between Tank 2 and Tank 3. Above the level of the connection, Tank 4 will start to fill up till water level reaches the level of connection. Answer is 3rd one.

Which tank will fill up first 11 tanks answer?

Which tank will fill up first? The tank F will fill up first.

Which class is filled first?

If you clearly observe the picture, the bottle itself is not opened. Hence, no glass is filled in this case. This riddle is more on observing details, rather than thinking logically. “Therefore the answer for this question is, NONE of the glass will fill.”

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Which cup would be filled with coffee first?

Cup five receives the coffee first, and is in fact the only mug that gets any coffee at all. All of the other pipes are blocked off before they reach the other cups.

Which container will empty first?

If water (or other liquid) drains from a tank, we expect that the flow will be greatest at first (when the water depth is greatest) and will gradually decrease as the water level decreases.

Can you fill a tank from the bottom?

Yes you can. Feeding the tank from above will exert the constant maximum head on the pump until the tank is full. Feeding from bottom leads to uniform increase of head from zero to maximum head. Also, feeding from the bottom will cut the energy consumption and time by half if the same capacity pump is used (I think).

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