Question: How To Remove Stub Axle?

How do you remove axle bearings without a puller?

Re: Best way to remove axle bearings without bearing puller? Use a dremel to cut ALMOST all the way through the retainer and then use a cold chisel to finish it off. Even a small crack in the retainer and it will slip off. Same for the bearing.

Where is the stub axle located?

Stub Axle: Stub axles are attached to the vehicle’s front wheels, with kingpins connecting these axles to the front axle.

How do you remove ATV axles?

Steps To Replace An ATV Axle Lift The ATV. Lift the quad off the ground and place on jack stands or something very sturdy. Remove The Wheel. Get the lug nuts off and remove the wheel. Remove Castle Nut On Axle. Remove Brake Caliper. Remove The Hub. Remove The Bottom Shock Bolt. Remove A-Arm Bolt And Tie Rod End. Remove Axle.

How do you move a car with a broken axle?

RWD even broken it can sometimes be rolled not driven. If the axle is out jack it up, stuff it in as far as it will go and try and push/turn it slowly to the broken side if possible. Call LL for the flatbed (if you can get one) before you start trying to move it.

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When should axle be replaced?

Without proper lubrication, a CV joint will not last long. See the photo of a bad CV axle. Other reasons to replace a CV axle include excessive wear or damage in an accident or due to excessive rust. If a bad CV axle is not replaced in time, it might separate or jam while driving resulting in a safety hazard.

What tools do I need to replace CV axles?

What Tools Do I Need to Change a CV Joint? Vehicle Jack. Removal of a CV joint requires that you jack the vehicle off the ground to allow access to remove the wheel and components from the wheel hub. Lug Wrench. A lug wrench is needed to remove the wheel and tire to access the CV joint. 3/8″ Drive Socket Wrench Set. Tie Rod Puller. Hub Socket.

How do stub axles work?

A stub axle is a sub-assembly of a front axle beam upon which the road wheel mount. Stub axle is connected to the front axle using kingpin. These stub axles turn about the kingpin, which is light drive fit in the axle beam eye, located and locked by the taper cotter pin.

How do you weld a stub axle?

Tack weld through the plug weld holes to secure the back end of the stub axle. Set your welder up so that you can lay a good hot penetrating weld (practice on some scrap steel) and fully weld around the stub axle and axle tube. Fill the plug weld holes up until the weld is flush with the top of the axle tube.

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What causes a broken axle?

A vehicle does not get far, or anywhere if it has a damaged drive axle. Axles are rods or shafts that connect to the drive wheels. Even though axles are built to be tough, an overloaded vehicle can sometimes crack or break an axle. Bad carrier bearings or bad potholes are other common causes of axle problems.

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