Readers ask: Can Am Trailing Arm Bearing?

What is the purpose of a trailing arm?

Trailing arms function as a pivot point perpendicular to the length of the vehicle. They also prevent the rear axle or rear spindle from moving forward or rearward during operation of the vehicle.

What happens if a trailing arm breaks?

A broken trailing arm or worn bushing can send your suspension system into misalignment, which alters where the vehicle’s weight sits. Ultimately this leads to premature tire wear. Your vehicle is shorter on one side – Your vehicle sits relatively level.

Can Am Commander trailing arm removal?

There is a torsion sway bar bolted to both driver and passenger side trailing arms in the middle of the machine. Each side has four bolts. You will need to remove the four bolts on each side of the machine to be able to remove the trailing arm. Removing them sucks due to tight space.

Can Am Outlander wheel bearing part number? SuperATV Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing for Can – Am Commander/Maverick/ Outlander /Renegade (SEE FITMENT FOR SPECIFIC MODELS) – Replaces OEM #: 293350040: Automotive. In Stock.

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How do you know if your trailing arm is bad?

Common signs include a clunking noise when you accelerate or brake, excessive and uneven wear on tires, and loose steering when turning corners.

How much does it cost to replace a trailing arm?

The average cost for trailing arm replacement is between $342 and $371. Labor costs are estimated between $109 and $137 while parts are priced at $234. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

What happens if you don’t replace control arms?

Control Arm Repair You should be able to drive it until you are in a safe place but don’t push your luck. If the control arm is broken, then you are going to have less weight support and the stability of the car is compromised. The shift and sway that happens with the vehicle mean you can lose control or worse.

How long can you drive on a bad control arm?

They could be ok for 30 days or more but may be unsafe to leave the parking lot. While control arms get noisier with worn bushings it also allows more loose play in the suspension to wear other parts out. Just get it fixed. It will save you money in the long run.

Is a trailing arm the same as a control arm?

On the rear, your control arms are ” trailing arms “. On the front your control arms are an “A arm ” style and not a trailing arm. The trailing arms “trail” behind their mounting point and are typically straight (like our lower control arms on the rear).

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Can Am Commander extended rear trailing arms?

Take your Can – Am Commander to the next level with SuperATV’s +4 extended rear trailing arms. Perfect for larger tires, improved hill climbing stability, and exceptional performance, SuperATV’s arms are skillfully designed to maintain factory alignment.

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