Short Term Vehicle Lease In Pinellas Park, FL

New Wave Auto Sales is available to all residents in Pinellas Park, FL. New Wave Auto Sales is now offering the option to lease a vehicle short term. With many great services like this one, New Wave Auto Sales promises to always give the customer what they want to ensure they are satisfied at the end of the day.

New Wave Auto Sales prides itself in excellent customer service and the promise to always put the customer first and treat them fairly and with the utmost respect, whatever the situation.

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What is Short-Term Vehicle Leasing?

Short-term leasing is the ability to lease a vehicle for a shorter period than if you were to purchase a vehicle to own. Short-term leasing is generally a 3-year deal, but now there is another option that allows customers to partake in a monthly subscription to lease a vehicle.

Car dealerships usually dont offer short-term leasing, but New Wave Auto Sales does. Typical dealerships offer 24-month leases or more, which is nothing compared to a monthly lease on that new car you've been obsessing over.


How Does Short-Term Vehicle Leasing Work?

Short-term leases are also known as lease takeovers. Customers who decide to lease a car short term arrange to take over a lease from another party who wants to end their existing lease term. The new lessee then takes over and leases the vehicle for that current month as well as the remaining months of the original lease.

Used Short Term Vehicle Lease In Pinellas Park, FL

At the end of the lease term, the short-term lessee is responsible for returning the vehicle to the dealership it came from. Once the vehicle is returned, and any damages or excessive mileage is paid off, the lessee can find the next great vehicle to lease short-term.


Why Short-Term Vehicle Lease?

Short-term leasing has many benefits, of course, which is why New Wave Auto Sales offers the option. Short-term leasing can range from 3-6 months up to 39 months, and it all depends on how much time is left on the original lease.

Used Short Term Vehicle Lease In Pinellas Park, FL

Some benefits to short-term leasing can include:

  • Cashback incentives
  • Bargain prices
  • Minimal or no down payment
  • Minimal monthly payment
  • No long-term commitment
  • Trying out new vehicles
  • Trying out vehicles that would otherwise not be affordable

Why Visit New Wave Auto Sales In Pinellas Park, FL?

New Wave Auto Sales has short-term leasing available for residents in Pinellas Park, FL. Short-term leasing at New Wave Auto Sales is a guaranteed impressive, excellent service, like every other service offered. New Wave Auto Sales always offers quality and serviced vehicles in its pre-owned vehicle inventory.

New Wave Auto Sales offers brands from BMW, Audi, Ford, and Chevrolet, as well as various styles. Not only that, but New Wave Auto Sales short-term lease service is available to all customers, even those with poor or low credit scores.


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